Opinion Factory

A 3D geometric representation of the varying opinions regarding the critical political and cultural conflicts dividing the Israeli society.




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Social Dialogue

Nadav Goren and Eliraz Eitam, industrial designers, met while studying at HAC in Jerusalem. Their interaction led to a deep dialogue focused on their differing origins. The Israeli melting-pot of the last 70 years led to various conflicts, stemming from the spectacular variety consisting of Israeli society and culture. Eliraz and Nadav are situated on two political, cultural and religious extremes, yet their continuous dialogue led to this project. In this project, they do not claim to solve the complex Israeli conflicts but highlight these, based on constructive dialogue.  

Information Design

This project is a complex dialogue embodying the matrix of opinions and beliefs representing undergraduate students in Jerusalem. The need to materially represent the varying opinions and intricate beliefs which are the essence of living in Jerusalem in 2018 bloomed into a project encompassing material research and the very role of contemporary design.

Parametric Design

Each object represents a question, whereas its geometric configuration alludes to the array of answers given by the students. The shape of each object followed the principles of parametric design – a method enabling the design to control and manipulate a shape through the parameters consisting its geometry.

In the last decade, parametric architecture tended to represent the whimsical wants of the rich and powerful. This project, albeit small in scope, offers another vista. By raising questions relating to the methodology of visually and materially representations of social beliefs, the very dialogue between data, the designer and the viewer are highlighted in an innovative manner.

Parametric (300DPI).jpg