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Opinion Factory

A social design project that was presented in Milan Design Week 2019 & Jerusalem Design Week 2019. Check out the website to get more information.

Nadav Goren - Instant Cooling-26.jpg

Nitro Cool

Electric home appliance for cooling drink bottles

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AC Remote Control

An accessible AC remote control for elderly people.

Nadav Goren - Portfolio Site


Individual Battle Rations designed with a study of the logistical needs of the IDF and the needs of combatants in the field.

Nadav Goren_Bike.jpg

Poang Bike

A bike frame made up of an IKEA 'POANG' iconic chair.

Nadav Goren - Portfolio Site

3D Rendering

I take a great interest in 3D renderings. I work especially with Keyshot 3D and Photoshop.

Nadav Goren_Nebulizer.jpg

Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh Nebulizer For Military Use

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DIY Furniture

DIY furniture for modern makers. The furniture is based on 3D printed joinery and combines cotton ropes interweaving. 

Nadav Goren - Portfolio Site

Hand Tools

A series of hand-tools designed following research on gender and tools.

Nadav Goren - Portfolio Site

Rocking Toy

A wooden rocking toy combining a soft seat - designed and built at my first year of studying.

Nadav Goren - Portfolio Site

Other Projects

Take a look at another design projects.